towards an industrial economic simulation

Each labor factor (LF) represents 1 worker for small operations, or 100 workers for industrial enterprises.

Let 20 Shillings = 1 Pound, 12 Pennies = 1 Shilling, 240 Pennies = 1 Pound.

Let each loaf of bread cost 1 penny and represent 1,000 calories.

Rent costs 25 pounds per household on the first of each month.

Let productivity be a function of the sum of labor factors' individual productivities. For example, if adult workers are d6, child workers (11-18) are d3, and child workers (9-10) are d2, and if we have 3 adult workers and 2 child workers aged 11-18, our total productivity is 3d6 + 2d3. This may be phrased in terms of ratio, e.g. "Two child workers aged 11-18 are half as productive as one adult worker", so that we may convert 2d3 --> 1d6.


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