metric dungeons

soon after the anti-civilization organization of evil monsters introduced accessibility features into their dungeons, they realized that it was also kind of weird that they would measure their projects according to some human king's foot. in collaboration with the adventurers' guild, they invented new architectural standards along with new guidelines for traversing dungeons.

whereas before the dungeon was segmented into 5' by 5' squares, future dungeons will be segmented into 2m by 2m squares. this move also slightly widens the average hallway and will allow for more traffic into the dungeon.

it is recommended that adventurers crawl at intervals of 40m instead of 120', twice per 10 minute turn. some officers of the adventurers' guild are considering redefining the turn as 5 minutes, in order to remove the ambiguity of "two moves of 120' [now 40m] per turn". however, this has not yet been agreed upon.

the standard adventurer's torch will shine a radius of 10m (previously 30'), or a diameter of 20m.

according to the previous standards outlined in the code for evil monsters against civilization, wandering monsters should only appear between 20' and 120' away from the adventuring party (2d6 * 10'). since 10' represents a straight line across two 5' by 5' blocks, we may substitute it for 4m instead.


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