new! 3d6 stat gen

proposal to combine the dynamicism of random stats with the illusion of choice, plus some fairness for players.

roll 3d6. each result corresponds to a stat:

  1. charisma
  2. constitution
  3. dexterity
  4. intelligence
  5. strength
  6. wisdom

assign each of the following modifiers to one of the stats based on the ones you had rolled: -2, +1, +1. these modifiers stack!

for example, alice rolled {4, 2, 4}. this means that she must assign two modifiers to intelligence and one modifier to constitution. she might maximize her positive modifiers by assigning +1 and +1 to intelligence and -2 to constitution, or she might minimize her negative modifiers by assigning +1 and -2 to intelligence (-1) and +1 to constitution.

in another case, if bob were to roll {1, 5, 6}, none of his modifiers will overlap. he can freely assign his three modifiers to charisma, strength, and wisdom. perhaps he will assign -2 to charisma, +1 to strength, and +1 to wisdom.

these modifiers can be used as-is for dice rolls (d20 or 2d6 or w/e), or they map to the following results on 3d6 stats (b/x):

  • -2:    4-5
  • -1:    6-8
  • 0:     9-12
  • +1:  13-15
  • +2:  16-17
that should make things easier (and fairer, if you care about that)!


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