Expanded List of Keystone Blog Posts

Good morning! I've taken the list of blog posts from my post last week, "The OSR Should Die" [1], and expanded it to include posts from 2006 to 2021. I've explained my rationale on the new page.

Please enjoy! Click here, or click 'Keystones' on the top of my blog.

It's definitely not the only list of its kind, but I hope it being annotated and relatively extensive will help put all of them in perspective of each other. My focus is on the emergence of OSR play style 'wisdom' which is held basically common at this point: improvised rulings, player skill, non-superheroics, and a lack of game balance.

Early on, a DIY culture was built around this play style. At first it was to create new materials for unsupported editions of D&D; then, it was to create rulebooks to emulate those editions; then, it was altogether new rulesets and adventures grounded in the same play style, but not recreating those old D&D editions nor retaining Gygax's fantasy aesthetic.

You can read more about these historical developments in the original blog post [1], but hopefully the list of blog posts will prove useful to see how community discourse evolved as part of these gradual developments.

[1] https://chiquitafajita.blogspot.com/2022/06/the-osr-should-die.html


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