Traveller World Generator

This weekend, I made a Classic Traveller world generator to practice programming websites (since I don't know very much HTML, CSS, or JavaScript). The project was inspired by my friend Emmy Verte's recent modernization of the original procedure in Book 03 (link). Hope you enjoy it!

Click here!

Below is a generated description of a random world. The main page also includes four tables for the world's starport, geography, society, and technology

World E67B899-4

This world is a dwarf planet with a volume 2% that of Earth. There is a C-class starport here, of routine quality. The atmosphere is thin, so you do not need to equip anything to breathe while offboard. Its surface is totally devoid of water. Hundreds of people live here. They have no rulers, but maintain a libertarian attitude among themselves. They have attained an interplanetary level of technology.


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